Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Book News (5-10-11)


White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century by Jared Taylor. New Century Books [Oakton, Va.], 2011. Trade paperback, 340 + xvii pp., endnotes (including bibliographical references), ISBN 978-0-9656383-9-5. Available from

Prominent White Nationalist author, publisher and publicist Jared Taylor patiently explains the obvious realities of racial identity in the 21st century to oblivious White people. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see!

The Failure of Integration
The Myth of Diversity - Institutions
The Myth of Diversity - Daily Life
The Science of Human Nature
Black Racial Consciousness
Hispanic Racial Consciousness
Asian Racial Consciousness
White Racial Consciousness
The Crisis We Face

Curiously, the author does NOT include a discussion of Jewish consciousness. Perhaps this is just an oversight on his part, or perhaps he feels that Jews do not have a strong sense of ethnic/racial identity.

This volume bears a striking full-color cover illustration of the painting Wanderer above a Sea of Fog by Caspar David Friedrich (1818). There maybe some people in the world who feel that this work of art is not a presentitment of Nietzsche -- but I am not one of them!


Hold Back this Day by Ward Kendall. Second edition, Counter-Currents, San Francisco, 2011. Hardback, 212 pp., full-color cover. Scheduled for release May 20, 2011. Available from

This is a new printing of the distopian White Nationalist sci-fi novel which first appeared in 2001.

Question: why are there not more entries in the genre of racialist science fiction?


The Truth at Last Books have issued their summer, 2011, book list. This year's list includes 56 books, six DVDs, and eight mass-distribution tracts. A free newsletter accompanies each list.

Truth at Last Books is strictly old-school, which means that they have no online presence and that you will have to write them by postal mail.

Truth at Last Books
PO Box 1211
Marietta, Ga. 30061-1211

Although the list and newsletter are technically free of charge, NS Bibliophile STRONGLY encourages enclosing a couple of dollars when requesting same. In the end, nothing is really "free!"

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